The 5th Annual EALTA Conference


This year’s theme of the EALTA conference “Assessment Literacy in Europe and Beyond: Realities and Prospects” encapsulates the essence of the EALTA Code of Practice. It addresses principles of transparency, accountability and quality, which are relevant concerns for a broad membership of educators involved in classroom language testing and assessment, training of teachers in testing and assessment and in the development of language tests in national or institutional units or centers.

There is a great need to promote the development of assessment know-how, or assessment literacy, among the participants of the language teaching and testing communities, and to enhance the sharing of experience and expertise between different areas of language testing and assessment.

Assessment literacy is now considered a valuable component of pre-service and in-service teacher education programmes, focusing on knowledge and skills related to basic principles of quality assessment practices. Development of assessment literacy also reaches out to all major stakeholders: students, parents and educational administrators in schools, colleges, universities and Ministries of Education, helping members of these communities to make appropriate choices in assessment that will lead to greater opportunities in education and career prospects in both global and local contexts.

The conference will therefore address issues to promote the notion of assessment literacy for a wide membership of the language teaching and testing community, covering a range of topics that considers both realities and prospects in the assessment world.

  1. Teacher education and assessment literacy
  2. Research and practice of formative assessment
  3. Feedback and assessment
  4. Involving stakeholders in the assessment process
  5. Training of test developers.